Conservation Programs:

Organic Gardens

With more than 50  varieties of organic fruits, vegetables, grains, and herbs, the Santuario Macao farm largely supplies the food demand of the Macaw Lodge. Our orchards include coffee, acai, jackfruit, breadfruit, pineapple and  bananas.  We strive to represent a model of organic agriculture and search for products of local origin to supplement what we do not produce.

Our coffee, acai, and pitanga are ingredients we use  to make some of  our Macaw Kakau’s chocolate products. Naturally, the gardens  are shared with a wide diversity of birds and other animals which are favored by sustainable and organic food production.   

The traditional “gallo pinto” (rice with beans) served with each breakfast at the lodge, is carefully  planted and harvested by hand.

Join us,

Familia de Santuario Macao 

Join Us,
Familia de Santuario Macao