Conservation Programs:

Wildlife Conservation

After more than three decades of reforestation, the canopy of the tallest trees create an uninterrupted overhead green network allowing our arboreal neighbors to access and inhabit areas long denied them due to destructive farming practices of the twentieth century. In 2020 we’ve had sightings of monkeys, sloths and our first puma (an apex predator), an excellent bio-indicator of restoration success.  

Bird and wildlife sightings are constantly reported and photographed  which helps to  document our conservation efforts.

Mammals in the Santuario

Trail cameras are our eyes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, an observation network in the forest.  They show us the diversity of mammals and birds that roam the floors of the Macao Santuario and help us  assess our regenerative efforts of the  ecosystem. 

We have witnessed an increasing presence of new  species in the area; cougars, ocelots, peccaries, deer, bales and others. Our mission includes  maintaining balance in ecological communities while increasing biodiversity. We are  proud of this achievement, yet we are aware that the work needs to go beyond the borders of the sanctuary.

The challenges that await us to rescue species such as the jaguar from extinction are large, but we will not rest until we see it walking in our gardens .

Join us,

Familia de Santuario Macao 

Join Us,
Familia de Santuario Macao