Biological Corridors and CBR

by Hugo Santa Cruz, August 1, 2020

Biological corridors consist of continuous solid vegetation which  ensures wildlife connectivity.

Biological corridors allow the flow of genes and species between ecosystems that have been fragmented.  They provide pathways between protected areas, as well as between  ecosystems and  modified habitats, both rural and urban.    The corridors are human friendly and promote investment in the sustainable use of biodiversity and conservation. 

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (CBM) spans from southern Mexico to northern Colombia  and includes the participation of ten countries. The focus of the CBM is to protect natural and cultural heritage, improve the quality of life of inhabitants, and increase the ability to adapt to climate change.  Costa Rica has 44 smaller-scale biological corridors which are managed locally. 

Santuario Macao is located in the Path of the Macaws Biological Corridor  (Corridor  Biologic Paso de las Lapas or CBPL). The CBPL in conjunction with Carara National Park, La Cangreja National Park, Castro Cervantes Wildlife Reserve, Cerros de Turrubares Protected Area, the Macao Santuario  and several other private protected areas, work to restore connectivity to protected areas .  Please visit our Flagship Project: La Ruta Conectividad

Our Current Restoration Project

The Center for Biodiversity Restoration is currently designing improvements to the corridor linking Carara National Park and  Cangreja National Park.  The plans include coordinating community sustainability goals,  establishing a biodiversity baseline, reforestation, adding bird nest habitat, meliponias and school education programs. Strengthening this biological corridor will  improve  safer wildlife migration avenues, encourage community awareness and help restore our biodiversity.  We encourage you to participate and help this project move forward by visiting our Donate page.  

Sustainable systems can be designed  to  fit local needs  without degrading the capacity of the natural heritage. Community involvement and education are  key to making these projects successful. We offer various education programs that strengthen local knowledge and add technical expertise.


Join us,

Familia de Santuario Macao 

Join Us,
Familia de Santuario Macao