Who We Are:

The Center for Biodiversity Restoration  (CBR) is a Costa Rican  nonprofit foundation helping communities to preserve and restore their natural ecology and to live sustainably within it.

Founded with a regional approach to enhancing the biological corridors of Costa Rica, CBR  is designed to share ideas, knowledge and resources with every community that needs to restore biodiversity.

Santuario  Macao is the umbrella organization for Macaw Lodge,  the Center for Biodiversity Restoration (CBR) and Macaw Kakau. These institutions carry out joint actions for the sustainability of this protected area and the Paso de las Lapas Biological Corridor.

CBR makes use of the Macaw Lodge facilities, hosts workshops  and guests while sharing our philosophy of regeneration and sustainability of ecosystems.

Ecotourists, volunteers, and  researchers can join us in creating this dream; a transparent, replicable model for our region and the world.

Meet the Team:


Hugo Santa Cruz

Executive Director

Hugo Santa Cruz has been passionate about protected areas for all his life. Since the age of 19 he has worked in ecotourism in different landscapes and neo-tropical ecosystems, in national

Karen Sanchez

Community Representative

Karen Sanchez is a native from Costa Rica.  She has lived most of her life in El Sur de Turrubares; a community far away from the city where you can feel the peace and tranquility of nature.

Andrei Gordienko



The quintessential world traveler, Andrei’s views and concepts of how life in the biosphere functions place him in a rare class of  sustainable visionaries.   His  background in agriculture …

Pablo Gordienko



Pablo Gordienko, born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to promote reforestation, sustainable agriculture and other modern concepts for a nation …

Fred Rubin



A dedicated educator, Fred Rubin is also an advocate for sustainable agriculture and the marine environment. His particular interest in honeybees brought him to The University of California at Davis where he worked at ….

Join us,

Familia de Santuario Macao 

Join Us,
Familia de Santuario Macao