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Chocolate Class February 8-11, 2023

The United Nations Education Department interviewed us! Restoring  Biological Diversity in Costa Rica

Video Clips  of us  viewed at COP 15, Montreal, 2022:  full version of the video here. The short version is available here.

February 1, 2023  CBR meeting  in Costa Rica, and an update of Seattle NW Chocolate Festival

Our community is restoring historic flightways and forests
while sustainably growing Cacao under the canopy.

Poor agricultural practices of the past fragmented the habitat of the Scarlet Macaw and other wildlife that once lived here. Their populations became limited and confined to small groups.

Santuario Macao , 1990 

Planting pathways of solid vegetation provides homes, food sources and a protected travel network for wildlife, reconnecting their fragmented populations.

Under the canopy of these corridors we grow Cacao and other crops.

Example of vegetative pathway, Sarapiqui, CR 2014. Image 2018@Google

Our Cacao becomes delicious chocolate that profits Sustainable Communities.

De-husking the Cacao, Santuario Macao, 2020

Since 1990 community members planted hundreds of thousands of fruit and nut trees to invite the Macaws back home - and they returned - and so did the Pumas, the Ocelots and many others.

Together we can excel without compromise to future generations and the environment.

Join us,

Familia de Santuario Macao 

Working together to meet the United Nations Sustainability Goals 2030: