Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation



The demand for agricultural products in densely populated areas comes at a price to the environment. Portions of our restored forests are integrated with agriculture to mitigate this. The combination of indigenous and economic plants increases biodiversity and productivity. 

Agroforestry  provides wildlife habitat,  agricultural goods and a carbon capture system. Small protected conservation areas standing  in isolation have restricted gene pools and limited biological interactions.  Agroforestry within biological corridors can provide the necessary connectivity these  protected areas need and enhance biodiversity. This long term investment  enhances social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Agroforestry Cacao
We grow Cacao in the understory of the forest canopy where it thrives as a companion to other tree and shrub species of ecological and economic importance .  

Wildlife has thrived. Apex predators have returned and are balancing the web. Puma now hunt within the cacao.  This is full spectrum biodiversity with protection of natural resources, while providing  meaningful employment for our community.

See Macaw Kakau, 

Our planting system for Cacao and other crops:

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Agroforestry plantings at Macao Santuario:


Astronium gravolens Ronron

Dalbergia retusa Cocobola

Dipteryx panamensis Almendro amarrillo

Peltogyne purpurea Nazareno

Platymiscium pinnatum Cristobal

Samanea saman Cenizaro

Schizolobium parahyba Gallinazo

Swietenia macrophylla Caob

Nitrogen fixers:

Cajanus cajan Gandul

Cassia biflora Quierbraplatos

Cassia reticulata Saragundi

Desmodium sp Pega pega

Inga sp Guabilla

Mimosa pudica Dormilona