Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation


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Karen Sanchez, MelliponiaOur educational endeavors are dedicated to nurturing an environmental consciousness through a holistic and constructivist methodology. Our goal is to empower the various groups we engage with to take the lead in driving change, actively participating in shaping individual and collective decisions that contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of nature’s biodiversity for the future. Through the use of our tools, we facilitate processes that enhance critical and creative thinking, while also acknowledging the inherent value and diversity of the earth’s ecosystems. We underscore the importance of respect, integrity, gratitude, and solidarity through positive experiential learning. This educational initiative is firmly rooted within the framework of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, advocating for a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

Education (Some of these programs are still in the development phase, contact us for more information)