Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation


Mission: To promote and restore biological diversity, healthy ecosystems, and community well being.

Vision: To create a biodiverse sustainable future with environmental, economic and social justice.

The Center for Biodiversity Restoration  (CBR) is a Costa Rican  nonprofit foundation helping communities to preserve and restore their natural ecology and to live sustainably within it.

Founded with a regional approach to enhancing the biological corridors of Costa Rica, CBR  is designed to share ideas, knowledge and resources with every community that needs to restore biodiversity.

Meet The Team

Executive Director,  Karol Murillo, is an Ecologist who holds the conviction that society can attain regenerative and self-sustaining development through conservation efforts and transformative leadership. As an engineering professional specializing in occupational and environmental health…read more


Biodiversity Monitoring, Lionel Delgado,

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Livestock Advisor, Jose Mario, is originally from the Hojancha area in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Jose Mario has spent the last 8 years as an agricultural extension agent in Bijagual. In this role, he has dedicated himself to advocating for sustainable production practices among small and medium-sized producers in the Carara district…read more

Monika Hall

Education Director, Monica Hinojosa-Hall, an educator and environmental communicator with over 27 years of experience, developed her passion for preserving nature during her work in the Galapagos Islands in her native Ecuador. She has actively contributed to international support projects in National Parks across Panama, Venezuela…read more

Senior Advisor, Dr. Chris Vaughn

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Karen Sanchez melliponia 2

Community Liason, Karen Sanchez, hailing from Costa Rica, spent the majority of her life in El Sur de Turrubares, a tiny community situated far from the bustling city life, where the serenity and tranquility of nature prevail.
Her academic journey led her through successfully earning her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the Free University of Costa Rica …read more

Director of Research, Hugo Santa Cruz  has dedicated his entire life to the cause of protected areas. Since the age of 19 he has immersed himself in the field of ecotourism, contributing his efforts to national parks and nature reserves across Latin America.  Some of his most cherished professional experiences include managing the Ecological Cruise in … read more

Government Liaison, Ana María Camacho 


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Eco-Building Consultant, Michael Hall is a seasoned carpenter with extensive experience in crafting high-quality furniture, interior finishes, and wooden houses. Committed to using ecological and sustainably managed materials, he has trained carpenters in various countries in Latin America and Asia. The founder of the “Center for Art, Culture, and Crafts – Hausgrün 27” … read more

CBR Co-Founder, Pablo Gordienko, a native of San José, Costa Rica, is a fervent entrepreneur committed to advancing reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and contemporary concepts in a country renowned for its abundant biodiversity. His dedication and vision materialize in the establishment of Santuario de Macao S.A, a 400-hectare private reserve …read more

Andrei Gordienko

CBR Co-Founder, Andrei Gordienko, the epitome of a global adventurer and life long learner, Andrei possesses unique perspectives and concepts regarding the functioning of life in the biosphere, placing him among the exclusive ranks of sustainable visionaries. With a solid background in agriculture and soil sciences, he has a robust foundation upon which … read more

Fred Rubin

CBR Co-Founder, Fred Rubin, has embraced environmental activism by focusing on education. His wealth of teaching experience and collaboration with individuals from diverse backgrounds has contributed valuable organizational skills to the establishment of CBR. With a background rooted in simple living, farming, and collaborative efforts, he has developed a profound …read more