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La Ruta Conectividad:  Proposal to Create a Biodiversity Baseline for Monitoring and Improving Species Flow 

between  La Cangreja and Carara National Parks,

 Costa Rica


Objective: to establish a biodiversity baseline of the area between La Cangreja and Carara National Parks in Costa Rica. This document may serve as a protective and proactive document of biodiversity as related to future management plans of the region.

Lead Agency: The Center for Biodiversity Restoration (CBR), a community based non profit foundation in Costa Rica

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Table of Contents

  1. Background 
  2. Goal 
  3. Team Members
  4. Participating Organizations
  5. Project Execution (Procedure)
    1. Monitoring summary
    2. Procedural Steps
    3. Compliance Indicators
    4. Task Schedule
  6. Budget A : Seeking Funds
  7. Budget B: In-kind Matching Funds
  8. Funding to Date
  9. Achievements to Date
  10. Plans to Incorporate New Partners
  11. Promomoting  Awareness of La Ruta Conectividad
  12. Direct Beneficiaries
  13. Indirect Beneficiaries
  14. Meeting the United Nations Sustainable Develpment Goals

2. Background:

  •  La Cangreja National Park (LCNP) has been surrounded by open livestock pastures since 1945 .  These open areas limit the movement of wildlife species to and from the park. 
  • La Ruta Conectividad will connect La Cangreja National Park with Carara National Park and other conservation areas.
  • We are located in the  Paso de las Lapas Biological Corridor (CBPL), Costa Rica which encompasses 56,200 hectares.
  • The estimated population for the CBPL is 11,310 inhabitants.
  • The Department of Transportation is planning to pave a road that bisects the corridor and reduces travel time from the capital city of San Jose to the beaches on the Pacific coast by thirty minutes. 
    •  This influx of new travelers will introduce many changes to this rural region.
    •  We want to get in front of these changes and proactively promote and manage biodiversity.

2. Goal:

  Our goal is to encourage wildlife migrations across a 17 km zone of La Ruta Conectividad to improve biodiversity. La Ruta Conectividad, will become a 17 km solid forested pathway  linking fragmented forested parcels between La Cangreja and other protected areas.  We have 1000’s of photos of wildlife at both the east end (La Cangreja) and the west end (Carara) of La Ruta..  We do not have photos or confirmed data of the 17 km  that separates these conservation areas.  We are searching for funding to  provide a camera monitoring system within these 17 km to document and provide a management baseline. The data collected will help analyze the species present, their behaviors, threats and limitations and direct our reforestation efforts. In subsequent years, the camera system will help us account for changes in wildlife  population and dictate future land use management. Increased biodiversity of an ecosystem leads to greater stability of that system.Well designed forested routes allow wildlife to move and adapt to  a changing climate and environment. Our community will gain technological and biological information. La Ruta Conectividad is replicable design  that can be utilized in many geographic zones. 

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