Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation


Biological corridors are comprised of unbroken stretches of vegetation, fostering essential connectivity for wildlife.

Biological corridors facilitate the movement of genes and species across fragmented ecosystems, establishing vital connections between protected areas as well as between various ecosystems and altered environments, including both rural and urban landscapes. These corridors are designed to be compatible with human activities, encouraging sustainable biodiversity use and conservation investments.

The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (CBM) stretches from southern Mexico to northern Colombia, involving the collaboration of ten countries. The CBM aims to safeguard both natural and cultural heritage, enhance the well-being of local residents, and bolster resilience to climate change. In Costa Rica, there are 44 smaller-scale biological corridors managed at the local level.

The Corredor Biológico Paso de las Lapas (CBPL), collaboratively with Carara National Park, La Cangreja National Park, Castro Cervantes Wildlife Reserve, Cerros de Turrubares Protected Area, various private protected areas, and multiple community conservation organizations, forms an alliance under the Center for Biodiversity Restoration (CBR). Together, they are dedicated to enhancing connectivity between protected areas through their concerted efforts.