Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation


Our community aims to foster sustainable employment opportunities that contribute to the biodiversity of our planet. To achieve this objective, our team has crafted a comprehensive course titled “Local Naturalist Guides,” spanning over 200 hours, encompassing both theoretical and practical components. This program empowers students to delve deeply into their capabilities and identify their guiding preferences. Specializations within the Costa Rican rainforest are highly targeted, particularly in the La Ruta Conectividad region. Specific profiles include expertise in bird watching, amphibian and reptile observation, agrotourism (with a focus on agroforestry production of cocoa, acai, coffee, and others), as well as a comprehensive understanding of the local ecology.

We’re thrilled to witness students’ passion for their coursework and their future  prospect of becoming licensed Nature Guides, Foresters, Wildlife Biologists, or engaging in other sustainable occupations. By providing an early foundation in biodiversity education, we aim to empower their educational journey.

Our class is currently in need of essential resources like books, binoculars, trap cameras, and various scientific instruments. To further support our students, we want to establish a scholarship fund, making attendance and future educational pursuits more accessible.

Please consider contributing to our cause and helping shape this program. Together, we can foster a community dedicated to sustainable practices and a deep understanding of our natural world. 


The class is taught by  Hugo Santa Cruz.   You can read about him and enjoy a few of  his posts at these links: