Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

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Hugo Santa Cruz has dedicated his entire life to the cause of protected areas. Since the age of 19, he has immersed himself in the field of ecotourism, contributing his efforts to national parks and nature reserves across Latin America.

Some of his most cherished professional experiences include managing the Ecological Cruise in the Bolivian Amazon aboard the “Reina del Enin” and improving wildlife habitat at Macaw Lodge (Costa Rica), affiliated with the Asociación Civil Armonía (Birdlife partner), which serves as the habitat for the emblematic and endemic Ara rubrogenys.

In 2010, Hugo delved into community-based ecotourism within the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park, collaborating with the Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza in Bolivia. It was during this time that he developed a passion for nature photography and birdwatching. His explorations resulted in the publication of photographs and articles across various media platforms, with his most cherished collection featuring jaguars and other cats from the Kaa-Iya National Park of the Gran Chaco.

Hugo’s expertise extends to both ecotourism operations and the planning and execution of biodiversity conservation projects. Serving as an ecotourism guide in Bolivia, Chile, and Costa Rica, his profound love for birdwatching emerged as his primary passion. He took the initiative to establish the Bolivian Bird Observation Club (CORA – Bolivia) and played a pivotal role in creating the Birdwatching Symposium in collaboration with the Bolivian Ornithology Association (ASBOR).

Driven by his insatiable curiosity about biodiversity and protected area management, Hugo ventured to Costa Rica. Through the University for International Cooperation – UCI and the Macao Sanctuary, he successfully completed his postgraduate studies. Currently, his focus lies on the establishment of a Biological Research Station dedicated to conserving the “Paso de las Lapas Biological Corridor” in Costa Rica.