Center for Biodiversity Restoration

An alliance of community organizations  dedicated to promoting biological diversity and  community well being.

A Costa Rican Non-Profit Foundation


Monika HallDirector of Education, Monica Hinojosa-Hall, is an educator and environmental communicator with over 27 years of experience. She developed her passion for preserving nature during her work in the Galapagos Islands in her native Ecuador. She has actively contributed to international support projects in National Parks across Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Germany. Monica’s diverse professional journey includes working with young children at the renowned Forest Kindergarten, engaging with schoolchildren and youth in jungle camps, and collaborating with adults from various backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. Her approach to work centers on exploring nature through all the senses and fostering respect for life in its myriad forms. Since the conclusion of 2022, Monica, alongside her husband Michael, has embarked on bringing their life vision to fruition with the Bosque Azul Project in Costa Rica.